China Global Times says: Link between HK man’s death and Sinovac vaccine ‘highly unlikely’

The Department of Health in Hong Kong said on Tuesday night that it received a suspended serious adverse event following COVID-19 vaccination involving a 63-year-old man who received a COVID-19 vaccine on February 26. 

  • The man subsequently developed shortness of breath on Sunday and attended the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for treatment, and passed away on the same day.
  • “At the moment, the causal relationship with the vaccination could not be ascertained,” the Department of Health said in the announcement. 

The report is in China’s state media tabloid Global Times. And it wouldn’t be the GT without proclamations that the country can do no wrong, the paper cites unnamed experts:

  • It is extremely unlikely that the death of a 63-year-old Hong Kong man who received the Sinovac COVID-19 vaccine is linked to the vaccine, and Hong Kong’s vaccination program will not be affected as the event was a mere coincidence, Chinese health experts said.

And it wouldn’t be the GT without having a bash at the US (or Australia for that matter):

  • They noted that the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine has higher chances of severe side effects than inactivated vaccines, including the Sinovac vaccine, due to the technology used. 

Link here to the Gee Tee if you are interested. 

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