Biden will let Trump-era China tech rules take effect next month

WSJ report

The Biden administration will give the Commerce Department the ability to ban technology-related business
transactions that it determines pose a national-security threat, part of
an effort to secure US supply chains, according to the WSJ.

This was a Trump administration rule that never went into effect. Companies who could be effected thought it would be delayed, according to the report. Instead, Biden is trying to send a strong message to China.

The caveat:

One person familiar with the matter said administration officials have
signaled to the business community that they won’t enforce the rule

The move will undoubtedly add red tape to doing business with China and would apply “to technology transactions
involving critical US infrastructure, networks and satellite
operations, large data hosting operations, widely used internet
connectivity software, and technology used in advanced computing,
drones, autonomous systems or advanced robotics, according to the draft

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