France toughens coronavirus testing rules for non-EU travellers

The new rules will come into force on 18 January

Reuters reports, citing a French government document showing that non-EU travellers will not be able to use antigen tests for the coronavirus – one that can deliver results in minutes – to get into the country upon testing negative.

Instead, travellers will have to seek PCR tests, which could take several days to produce the results and are less widely available in some cases.

Something pointed out in the report is that this may be a bit of a hindrance to goods transport between France and the UK, as France has required UK truckers to prove that they did not have the virus before crossing the channel to transport goods.

The antigen tests have been heavily used by truckers but moving forward, they may not be able to rely on that as the guidance makes no mention of an exception for truckers.

Just something to take note in case there are more follow-up developments.

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